July 19, 2024              Celebrate Black History Everyday!    


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1. The first Black woman elected to congress was:

Patricia Harris
Barbara Jordan
Shirley Chisholm
Sadie Alexander

2. The first Black mayor of a major American city was:

Tom Bradley (Los Angeles)
Maynard Jackson (Atlanta)
Carl Stokes (Cleveland)
Harold Washington (Chicago)

3. The seventh day of Kwanza is observed on Jan 1 and is called:

Imani, meaning faith
Nia, meaning purpose
Kujichagulia, meaning self determination
Ukuumba, meaning creativity

4. Legislation to restrict the movement and freedom of freedmen was enacted in 1865 in Mississippi and was known as:

Black Rules
Negro Restrictions
Black Papers
Black Codes

5. The week-long celebration, "Negro History Week," which was expanded in 1976 and is now known as "Black History Month," was started in 1926 by:

Ralph Bunche
Nat Turner
Carter G. Woodson
John M. Langston

6. Gwendolyn Brooks, the first Black person to win a "Pulitzer Prize," won the prize for her book:

Soul on Ice
Annie Allen
The Fire Next Time

7. The first Black female aviator was:

Dr. Mae Carol Jemison
Ruth A. Lucas
Bessie Coleman
Phyllis Mae Dailey

8. The first Black person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (1950):

Dr. Ralph J. Bunche
Dr. Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela
Dr. Benjamin Mays

9. One of the planners of what is now Washington, D. C.:

Booker T. Washington
Frederick Douglass
Hiram Rhodes Revels
Benjamin Banneker

10. The first Black-owned television station in the US began broadcasting in 1975 and was located in:

Los Angeles
New York