October 19, 2017              Celebrate Black History Everyday!    

October 19

Robert Brown Elliott, Robert C. DeLarge, and Joseph H. Rainey, all South Carolinians, became the first blacks elected to the House of Representatives on this date in 1870.

Nannie Burroughs opened the National Training School for Women and Girls on this date in 1909. The 31 first-year students learned "Bible, Bath, and Broom" techniques to make them more proficient in domestic duties.

Richard Arrington, the first black mayor of Birmingham, AL, was born on this date in 1934.

Paul Robeson starred in the Theatre Guild's Othello which opened at Shuberet Theatre (Broadway) on this date in 1943. The production set a record for Shakespearean dramas with 226 performances.

Peter Tosh, reggae pioneer who helped reggae gain world-wide acceptance, was born in Jamaica on this date in 1944.

The Navy admitted black women into the Women's Reserves on this date in 1944.

The Prime Minister of Grenada was assassinated on this date in 1983. He had refused to share the leadership of the New Jewel Movement with Bernard Coard. Following his assassination, the United States and six Caribbean nations invaded Grenada.

The Illinois Supreme Court upheld a decision to disallow the Harold Washington Party in the November election on this date in 1990.

Barack Obama was endorsed by Gen. Colin Powell on this date in 2008. A record fundraising amount of $150 million was also announced on this date.

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