November 26, 2015              Get the 2016 Black History Facts Wall Calendar!    

Get the 2016 Black History Calendar - $9.99
Get the 2016 Black History Calendar - $9.99

November 26

Macon B. Allen, was elected Judge of the Inferior Court of Charleston, SC, and became the first black with a major municipal position on this date in 1872.

Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree), preacher, abolitionist, speaker, women's rights advocate, and author of "Ain't I A Woman?" died in Battle Creek, MI, on this date in 1883.

O. J. Simpson, one of the greatest running backs in football history, won the "Heisman Trophy" on this date in 1968. Simpson attended the University of Southern California.

Benjamin Oliver Davis, Sr., the first black General in the U.S. Army, died at age 93 in Chicago, IL, on this date in 1970.

Wendell Smith, columnist for the Pittsburgh Courier, a weekly publication, died on this date in 1972. Smith is, perhaps, best-known for his role in helping to get Jackie Robinson into Major League Baseball.

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