July 12, 2020              Celebrate Black History Everyday!    

July 12

Edgar Daniel "E. D." Nixon, civil rights leader and a primary figure in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, was born in Montgomery, AL, on this date in 1899.

Emmy award-winning entertainer, William "Bill" Cosby, was born in Philadelphia, PA, on this date in 1937.

Fredrick McKinley Jones, inventor, patented a Shock-Proof Refrigeration Device on this date in 1940. This refrigeration device enabled the transportation of food without having to use ice to keep it cool. Patent # 2,475,841.

The African nation of Soa Tome and Principe gained its independence on this date in 1975.

Texas Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan, became the first black person to give the keynote address at a national political convention by speaking at the Democratic National Convention on this date in 1976.

Minnie Julia Ripperton, internationally renowned soprano, died on this date in 1979. Ripperton is perhaps best-known for her 1974 smash hit, "Loving You," and her tremendous vocal range of 5 1/2 octaves.

Lawrence Douglas Wilder received the 75th NAACP Spingarn Medal on this date in 1990 for his election to the offices of Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Virginia and for his personal commitment to human equality.

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