July 18, 2018              Celebrate Black History Everyday!    

July 18

Lemuel Haynes, Revolutionary War Veteran and the first black minister to serve for a white congregation, was born in West Hartford, CT, on this date in 1753.

John Stephens Durham, diplomat and assistant editor of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, was born in Philadelphia, PA, on this date in 1861.

The 54th Massachusetts Volunteers Regiment charged on Fort Wagner in Charleston, SC, on this date in 1863. In 1900, Sergeant William H. Carney became the first black person to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery in this charge.

L. C. Bailey, inventor, patented the Folding Bed for passenger train sleeping compartments on this date in 1899. Patent # 629,286.

Granville T. Woods, along with his brother Lyates, patented the second of two improvements on Railroad Brakes on this date in 1905. Patent # 795,243.

Nelson R. Mandela, political activist and President of South Africa, was born at Mvezo, a village in Umtata, Transkei, South Africa, on this date in 1918.

Barack Obama's first book and memoirs, "Dreams from My Father," was published on this date in 1995. The audio book earned him the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.

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