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"On This Date in Black History: A Calendar of Events"

This free, daily Black History facts website contains over 2,000 entries delivering Black History every day of the year searchable by date or keyword. The calendar features many major Black achievements and important dates in Black History including ideas, inventions, and leadership by Black people that have helped propel America to prominence and helped mankind world-wide.
April 19

Black minutemen joined their white counterparts to fight the British at Concord and Lexington, MA, on this date in 1775. Lemuel Haynes was among the Black soldiers who fought in the American Revolution.

Cheyney State College (Cheyney, PA), one of the oldest Black colleges in the United States, was founded as a school for Black boys on this date in 1837.

A bomb destroyed the home of Z. Alexander Looby, NAACP attorney and Nashville, TN, City Councilman, on this date in 1960. Other homes were damaged and over 100 windows were blown out at nearby Meharry Medical College injuring several students.

Major General Frederic E. Davidson assumed command of the Eighth Infantry Division in Germany and became the first Black to lead an Army division on this date in 1972.

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