May 27, 2023              Celebrate Black History Everyday!    

May 27

Victoria Earle Matthews, writer, educator, noted social worker, and founder of the White Rose Mission in New York, was born a slave in Ft. Valley, GA, on this date in 1861.

Andrew Cailloux, a black captain, was a major figure in the First and Third Native Guards' assaults on rebel positions at Port Hudson, LA, (a Civil War battle) on this date in 1863. This victory helped the Union gain control of the Mississippi River.

Elijah "The Real" McCoy, inventor and holder of around 57 patents, patented the Lubricating Cup on this date in 1873. Patent # 139,407. This device, an improvement on his first, lubricated the engine when it ran out of steam.

F. J. Ferrell, inventor, patented a Snow-Melting Apparatus on this date in 1890. Patent # 428,670.

Louis Gossett, Jr., actor who won an Emmy for his performance in Roots (1977), was born in New York City on this date in 1936.

Dorie Miller, a messman, was awarded the Navy Cross aboard the USS Enterprise on this date in 1942 for his heroic deeds at Pearl Harbor. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had to directly order the Navy to honor Miller.

Ernest Gideon Green became the first black person to graduate from Central High School in Little Rock, AR, on this date in 1958.

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