April 10, 2020              Celebrate Black History Everyday!    

April 10

Ira Fredrick Aldridge, actor, became the first black person to receive international recognition for his role as "Othello" following his opening in the title role on this date in 1833.

Dr. George Washington Carver, scientist and discoverer of over 300 products from the peanut and sweet potato, developed from the persimmon a drug to treat pyorrhea (a gum disease) on this date in 1941.

Jackie Robinson signed a contract and became the first modern black professional baseball player on this date in 1947.

Lee Elder became the first black person to play in golf's Master's Championship on this date in 1975.

Howard Thurman, one of the greatest spiritual and influential preachers of all-time, died on this date in 1981. Thurman was the founder of San Francisco's Church for the Fellowship of All People.

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