Update: It is with great sadness we report that Aunt Carrie passed in 2011. She did, however, vote in the 2008
election at the age of 108. Please read the initial post below and vote in the 2012 election in her honor!


Carrie Herring Walker, born Sept 30, 1900
Voting November 4th 2008!

*** Link to coverage of her early voting in 2008. ***


In case you are wondering, Yes, our dear elder is registered and planning to vote on November 4th 2008!

Aunt Carrie had her 108th birthday party on Saturday September 26th.  She is doing well, her mind still sharp.  It was purposefully a smaller party than the media event that accompanied her large party last year. 

Aunt Carrie votes regularly and is planning to cast her ballot for the first U.S. President who is identifiably Black.

You wouldn't let a 108-year-old woman outdo you, would you?

This week make sure you are registered to vote!

Carrie Herring, grandmother Rachel Herring, sister Berta Herring



Carrie Herring Walker was born on September 30, 1900 near the town of Burgaw, NC (about thirty miles from Wilmington in the southeast corner of the state).  Her mother was Julia Herring.  She was raised by her uncle, Arthur C. Herring. 

At seventeen, she married Joel Walker. She bore him seventeen children -- roughly one every two years until her mid-forties.  Thirteen of their children survived childhood.  Nine are currently living.

Aunt Carrie still lives on the same homestead, surrounded by literally hundreds of relatives. 



Carrie Herring Walker, September 2007


Provided by: PenderROCK Family Reunion
Originally posted: 10/08